Manufacturing Solutions

Never-ending safe, transformative manufacturing approaches and adaptation to capture speed, quality, and attention from the global marketplace.

Flexo Printing
One-stop-shop Printing

Customers have counted on us for more than 30 years to collaborate and engineer smart, flexible solutions that address their unique market needs and bring creative print solutions to life. Approaches, materials, and configurations are vast and so is the knowledge Sansico brings to the global market.

GMI Printing

We are a high quality, uniquely certified, big-box retail-enabled Indonesian packaging supplier. Graphic Measures International (GMI), a global leader in packaging quality services, certifies, monitors and measures our performance to global brand standards.

Injection Molding

Volume opportunities often employ this process for quickly producing components or finished goods leveraging a range of materials and formulations to suit even the most demanding of requirements; child safety to solution longevity and opacity to glowing in the dark.

Thermo Vacuum Forming

From protective covers to component parts, this efficient molding process delivers solutions across a variety of industries, consumers, and use cases with safety and planet in mind.

Vacuum Forming
Safety Compliance Lab
Safety Compliance

Our on-site laboratory ensures that packaging meets not only our high expectations, but international child safety protocols and beyond. Staffed by certified ISO 170125 experts, Sansico is the only Indonesia printing company maintaining an Indonesia government accredited Heavy Element and Phthalate Lab. (KAN/Komite Akreditasi Negara)


The precise cut, sew, and design methods and processes are often unique to the project and creativity and authenticity required. Let’s just say that from mass-production to artisan handicraft we have you covered for cross-stitch to applique and patternmaking to quality finishing.