Diversity & Inclusivity

Global value and brand authenticity through equal access, opportunity, and community resources.

HERproject|BSR and HERhealth Partnership

The Sansico Group has committed to implementing workplace-based programs to empower women workers in our supply chain and beyond. We have joined together with other global brands, suppliers, and partners in realizing our ambition for employment and empowerment to go hand-in-hand for women workers.

NEST Program

The Sansico Group has partnered with the Target Corporation and Nest to collaborate and grow a new handworker economy to increase global workforce inclusivity, improve women’s wellbeing beyond the factory, and preserve important cultural traditions around the world, but specifically in our own Indonesian communities.

Handicraft Entrepreneurship Program

The handworker today is connected to a growing, thriving, and supportive community. In return, handworkers are adding authenticity, culture, and meaningful connection to communities and brands while profitably continuing priceless traditions and expanding craft employment.