Design & Creative Content

Applying our unique strengths to live and breathe consumer brands across the real and virtual world.

Our Unique Identity

From Indonesia to the world! Indonesia, and our company within it, is a fast developing nation with longstanding global influences and diligently maintained indigenous and traditional cultures. We are volume production and value optimization experts motivated to adapt and grow collaboratively across our global economy to your doorstep.

Materials, Environmental Protection, and Consumer Advocacy

When developing new products, and modifying old ones, it is important to consider not only the performance or mechanical attributes of the materials one may wish to utilize; but the impacts ranging from environmental to end-of-use. We are a willing collaborative partner in meeting the needs of not only our consumers but our planet.

Inspire Creativity Through Education & Training

The Sansico Group of companies are time-tested collaborators that are educated and trained to observe trends, solve challenges, and distill those ideas into the right creative products and services to persuasively fill gaps in the marketplace and create win/win value for employees, the client, and end-customer.